Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Birds That Were Reserved

Spent the earlier part of the week (or the later part of the weekend) getting orders together. Besides the birds I've featured and distributed to Etsy, here are pictures of the rest of the flock minus two.
These have all been reserved, either from in-progress shot inquiries or for consignment.

Possibly my most classically pretty bird, she's on the big side. Makes me think I should range size more often.

The dupioni silk really made a difference with this one, so shiny, quite different.

Coincidentally, I started this one around St. Patrick's day.

A little less slick than my crowned swan but I think the ostentatious air lends itself to the extra stitches, folds & leaves

Of all of them, this one gets the title of "Miss Congeniality"

Right now there are just two birds left from my sewing spree, one that will make it's debut by the end of the week (the little one with pearls) and one I'll be releasing around my birthday (the 29th). That one is a mystery bird I haven't shown any photos of, the theme is "gilded". It was kind of an afterthought, a last minute add on but it definitely stands out and makes a good finishing piece for this flock.

I'm curious to know if there were any stand-outs or favorites from the past month of birds cause I definitely feel I went in a few different directions and developed my sewing too.

Oh, p.s. no, I'm not done with birds for the rest of my life but I could definitely use a break to work on my other projects :X

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