Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slightly Christmas

I haven't been feeling any of this "Christmas spirit", so I got this little tree.

Unfortunately, I have to keep it in an elevated corner so my cat won't eat it and die. (<--clearly I worry about him going, doing and eating all sorts of things.) I'm also hoping to keep the tree alive till spring so I can take it to my family's house and plant it in the yard.

Woodland creatures, gnomes and a random Pinnochio I got in Florence.

Here's an in-progress shot of another project I'm working on. It's also a long term project that'll probably take a while but I've got a lot of hope for this one being really interesting in the end. I'm not 100% settled on things so I won't give much away but this is just the beginning.

My silk spider visiting the photo shoot and getting comfortable made me think I should include some animals in this too, maybe bugs, maybe birds (they are sorta my thing). We shall see, but a fuzzy caterpillar sounds fun.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Updates All Round

I finally broke down and did it, I made a Facebook page:

Sacrificial Rabbits - Crystal A. Suh Facebook artist page

If you're on FB (and like my work), please "like" it and spread the word to your friends! ;)

I also have a new addition to my shop, a cotton spider (not to be confused with the silk spider). The cotton spider is bigger and a little more brutish but plenty nice and would be a funny tree ornament too.

You can view the listing/ purchase here: Cotton Spider on Etsy

I also have two recent "works in progress" shots to share, here is one:

I haven't decided if I want to just work on a series of singular hoop-frame pieces or if I want to go ahead and reserve these for a grand, decorative quilt. I've been wanting to do both but of course a quilt will be a super long term project should I decide to continue with it (eep!) 
Of course if this ends up being a singular scene, it's pretty much done.

Annnd here is my clay doll,

I was working feverishly on her for a few weeks and have taken a hiatus. There is a long ways to go, including making more pieces, painting, working on the jointing, hair and dressing but I've decided not to rush it. I want it to be as successful a first try as possible.

And as an item of note, my succulent was featured in this treasury by Chastity Hubbard

I was pretty sure making a realistic succulent and putting it in a jar would be a fun idea but I'm blown away by how popular it is- Thanks !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Ornaments

I made a few ornaments for the holiday season and put them up in my shop as a "choose one" listing, what do you think, tree worthy?

Vintage rhinestones

Vintage rhinestones

Hand burned flower
I thought the last one would make a good little "French Hen" (as in "3 French hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree",) but Will said it looked like a shrimp x_x .

If you'd like to get one, they're available here, (if you don't mind shrimp on your tree *rolls eyes*):

I've also been busy gift searching for the holiday and found so many adorable/ pretty things, I was inspired to make a couple treasuries to share my findings, click them and look around!:
Treasury: "Super Sweet Cookie Jars" by me

Treasury: "Snow Princess, Dreaming" by me