Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work In Progress: The Spider

I have some special plans for this guy (girl?),


But it's gonna take more work on some other components before it's done (never mind that I haven't fully decided upon what to do with my fish). But you can probably get an idea of where I'm going with this one by the knit under it.

It's kind of funny to be showing off a spider piece while my creamy bird with a bowtie is featured in the following spooky-style treasury, but I guess all of the birds together like that is kind of creepy in an old Victorian portrait way haha.

"Things that go bump in the night" by Skunkhollow

As my sister, Joan would say, "Whoa dang..." while I was writing this post, I was also featured in this treasury:

"Botanical and All Natural" treasury by  BungalowbyMilkshake

Gorgeous hints of green in this one.  
I love Spring- even though Spring hates my sinuses.

*Just A Reminder* 

Bird fans, don't forget there's a special Easter edition bird out on Friday!
And though I usually reserve commentary on my own pieces, I can (almost 100%) promise you'll find this one whimsical and cute.  :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured in Etsy Finds: The Hot List

Hi All,
Last post I mentioned I had a little possible press coming my way and here it is:

click for dynamic, clickable links version

Just a little segment of the e-mail but I've gotten a tremendous amount of positive vibes, kind msgs and overall support from it! It's just proof the little things really do count :).

Also, this Friday, I've got a (cotton) bird especially for Easter going up in the Etsy shop,

Actually, it doesn't need to be for Easter, so long as you like mischievous, disguised birds.
It's in the blue and white print I love (and have used for the alphabet birds).


I've also been featured in a couple very sweet, spring-inspired treasuries:

"hello denium" treasury by lorinichols

"I'll Fly Away Oh Glory" treasury by Saintwolf


Ok, I've still got a lot of non-sewing to do so I'll post an  in progress shot of my newest project next time. I haven't made any other animals since my fish so here's a hint: it's not a bird! :p

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Updates- Three Birds

Hi everyone,
Apologies for the absence! The past couple weeks have been super hectic with day-job stuff, a little weekend trip w/o internet, jury duty and lots of errands (as well as life's little unexpected things to contend with, (I'm talking to you, IRS!).
All in all, nothing too bad but definitely time consuming and kind of tiring.

Yesterday I got news of some *possible* upcoming Etsy press so I decided to regroup and make a quick small-batch update. Taking into consideration all inquiries and possible *reserved* dolls, I've selected three that I will list in my Etsy shop around midnight tonight (in about 2 hours).

I have also *just* finished the last of the other birds you saw in the previous pictures (details and such). My fingers are raw now but of course, I already have my next priorities in hand (literally) and will also be addressing questions I've received about my last couple of posts. ((I hadn't finished those last details for the flock which in-turn made it kind of impossible to answer some of the doll inquiries I had gotten thus far- Sorry for the delay but I've taken them all under consideration and will address them accordingly).

Here are the dolls that will go in tonight:


Monday, March 14, 2011

Work in Progress: more from the flock of birds

Before all the birds are fully photographed and decidedly distributed, here's a little backtrack to a growing flock:
Amusing myself while making legs

The most birds I've ever queued to date (also: see cat in window)

Thought these three looked particularly good together, like a Cream Court

Once I've photographed them all (for details and etc), it will be decided if any make it to consignment and the rest will be released incrementally, (primarily via my Etsy). I *might* end up adding a couple more to the group because after this spree, I'm going to take a break from individually sold birds (includes bird pairs) and work on some unfinished dolls and longer term projects so if anyone was interested in birds, now is the time to keep an eye out.

On another note, I was also featured in a few treasuries :)  :

Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 12.48.43 PM

"echos of nature" treasury by Ampaden

Screen shot 2011-03-10 at 1.44.45 PM
 "Birds of a Feather a pif treasury" treasury by my4sisters

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.35.43 PM

"On The Bonnie Bonnie Banks" treasury by KogoShuko

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop Update: The Swans + special free offer

I've listed this in my shop, a mother and baby swan.
They're available here in my Etsy shop: Swan Pair listing on Etsy

But not only that!
I wanted to offer a special free gift for blog followers:

Purchase this swan duo and receive:

My tiniest little rococo bird!
(Approx 1 inch tall x 2 inches from beak to tail)

Just enter the code: sacrab1 in the msg/notes to seller at checkout and I will include this tiny little silk and beaded bird in your package for free with no additional shipping fees.

Only applicable for purchase of "The Swans" and you must enter the code, this offer is not advertised through the listing, it's exclusive only to blog viewers ;)

I can't make these deals available for all listings (obviously, my fingers would fall off!) but keep an eye out for: first dibs sales via the blog, exclusive blog purchase items, special previews with release dates for my Etsy shop and other give aways such as this. I definitely want to spice it up a little, as well as thank you all for being fantastic!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interim post...

Little glass ladies, a gift from my bf, Lisa.
Or at least that's how it feels.
But I'm going to have an exciting update on my flock by the end of this week because I will definitely finish all the little feet (the feet are my least favorite part). This is my biggest group to date (usually updates are one or two at a time) so get ready for all kinds of whimsy because not even I could have anticipated the range of these birds. Wigs, flowers, swans, mini stuff...

I've also been trying to get Spotcats back on track (now that it'll be warm again) and have some Found Bears I've been saving.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday, it's time for brunch ;)