Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween!

pumpkin girl
Made a tiny pumpkin girl as a paint test

Besides this pumpkin girl, I haven't really been in the Halloween spirit, but I did get together some of my recent in-progress shots and I've been told, it's kind of creepy...

playing with hands
Messing with newly filed hands

playing with hands
Hands holding bones and moss

painting eyeballs
painting eyeballs- wooooo

face in prog
Bulging eyeballs from my unfinished head

Not in-progress, my cat:

Byron and a "tangereen"
Almost winky, Byron with a "tangereen", I ambushed him while sleepy

Come November, I'll have a few new dolls to debut. I finished the siamese sisters, a couple of birds (from basic to fanciful) and will also have a couple of lovely little maidens to show for my time away.

Till then, have a fun Halloween everyone! (I myself am just glad it stopped snowing!)

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