Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Spring Maiden

I promised a bunch of doll posts this month but after some thought (and an extra busy schedule), I found it might be best to reserve posts a bit.
I'd love to get a bunch of dolls together for a showing but that takes keeping them in bunches as opposed to selling them as soon as they come out.

That being said, I will however, be posting a few new items in my shop in time for the holidays, as well as some of peeks at the items I recently finished and am reserving.

As promised, here's my Spring Maiden, inspired by the 1920's and the sheer gowns of  Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti- Spring 2012.
I just listed her for sale on Etsy,  Etsy listing for Spring Maiden:

flower girl
embroidered face

flower girl 2
silk accents include a hand constructed flower

flower girl 3
lace booties

flower girl back
open back dress is made of an antique handkerchief and lace bits

She can be purchased via my Etsy shop: Crystalistic

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