Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Come to the Greenpointers Love Birds Valentine's Market

Perhaps some of you have noticed the inactivity in my Etsy shop these days, this is mainly due to my preparation for The Greenpointers "Love Birds Valentine's Market". It's going to be my first public appearance as a shop so spread the word and come on by!

I'll be spliting a table with my Bf & his sister's company, Shooting Stars Weddings, the wedding offshoot of his photo and video agency which I work with occasionally. Here is an example of a Super 8mm movie in case you're in the Tri-state area and are looking for a videographer ;).

I'll be making an Etsy update after the fair.  I know that cuts me out of the Valentine's Etsy hype but my pieces take so much time and effort I wasn't about to attempt to double up quantities or risk a double sale, (plus,  I thought I'd offer first dibs to the market). Besides stitched work, I will also have some trinkets and the postcard packs I had printed up a few weeks ago,

And of course I reserved some of the stickers for decorative use for my materials,

Besides the other recent pieces I blogged, I figured I had to make at least one red-rose adorned rococo swan,

And a black lace, lingerie inspired bird too,

The lace motif in the tail is extended onto the body with embroidery

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