Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work In Progress- Gatsby Inspired Wedding Topper

I haven't updated in a while but this has been what I call "Family Month" and do you know what happens during family month? Touring the city during record high temperatures, working your regular job and occasionally having enough time to clean up after the mess your cat made (just an hour ago I found out an "earthquake" happened in one of my terrariums). Sigh.

I did get some sewing done though- the P&P topper is complete, pictures to come soon once I'm ready to list.

And I've been working on cake topper 2- Great Gatsby inspired.
Both of these birds were potential P&P male mates but they didn't work out .
They happened to fit well together. If you're lucky, it happens irl too.

The basic base of this is done but it's going to get more leaves, a lining for the inside base, maybe a ribbon around the lace and of course, the couple.

But I do like this tree by itself- Weeping Willows are among my favorite. Maybe this is (another) separate project I can add to the list/ massive pile.

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