Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sisters

The past month has been speeding by and though I've seemed pretty quiet, I've been getting a lot of things done on the "business-end" of things.

I'm anxiously awaiting my shipment of printed materials to arrive so I can start offering prints/post cards and stickers (yay stickers!). Included in there will be my first-ever artist business cards. It's very official of me, I know ;), even if they are miniMoos haha.

And, I've also been sewing/crafting almost every day in preparation for a spring Etsy store update and possible vendor sales. One of my major goals last year was to take part in more real-life events as an artist/vendor and I was determined to make that happen this year, updates on that later as they come.

For now, I want to show you the (finally) finished Siamese Sisters:

I wish I had a miniature widow's walk to display them. If I choose to keep them, at least for a while, it might be an appropriate excuse to splurge on an old doll house and make renovations.

Going through my work the past year, I realized I really love rococo era wigs and beaded headdresses.

This was one of my first attempts at embroidery, which I can literally call, "a shipwreck".

The petticoat and bloomers make her dress deliciously poofy.


  1. Wonderful wonderful news!!! These twins are a fantastic creation, they are divine and lovely!! The details are precious, and the photographs you take of her (them?) add to the wonder! Looking forward to seeing all you have been working on!

    And mini moo cards are great :-D

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so glad to see that you've been keeping busy too:) I love how your work has seemed to develop another beautiful level during your travels. Thanks again for the encouragement :D