Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Terrariums

To say I've been obsessed with plants (particularly moss terrariums and succulents) would be a complete understatement so here are some more that I've made in the past couple months:

To be fair, the salt shaker one was actually made before the others.

This is the latest, a desert terrarium with giraffe

I added beads to this one to mimic a river, this was a suggestion from Will.

Maybe the "river" was good for it because it sprouted

And this is not a terrarium but my air plant.

Air plants are amazing! They don't need soil to survive, just a weekly- biweekly soaking in water for a few hours. I'm actually a little worried about this one in the shot glass, it used to be twice the size until my cat, Byron fished it out of it's soak and tore it to bits.
I guess he thought it was a fish?
This picture is right after the attack when I soaked what was left.


  1. These are really wonderful terrariums- may I repost at my blog (which is all about terraria)?

  2. Thank you :)
    Yes, you may. Also, great site! Wonderful ideas throughout