Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Papercut & A Lot Of Snow

I decided to make a "creature" that I had conceptualized a few years ago, a skeletal butterfly. If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with bones and the idea of them. I still love the idea of making one out of real bones but till then, paper cuts are fun and faster than sewing. I plan on doing some photo compositions with the finished piece but I took a snapshot this morning since I'll have to set it aside to finish some other projects. Here it is:

paper cut
The loops are meant to be rib bones. I want to make other variations when I find time too.

And yes, there's a lot of snow behind that butterfly. Quite a bit came down last night.
This is a shot from the morning,

from my window

and one from the afternoon when the sun finally decided to show it's face,
from my window 

 and "Yes," the banner is different again. We'll see how long I keep it- but it's def more visible than the first version.


  1. Holding the papercut up to the light so the paper becomes slightly transluscent was a great way to photograph the butterfly, it's a beautiful effect.

    Will you sell it?

    Oh - and if you do make one out of fabric, I'd be interested :-)

  2. Thank you! There are a lot of details that would have shown better had it been on an opaque surface but paper really seems to love light.

    I was considering selling it but I think I'd like to try a few more refined versions- this one is very much a prototype in make and I feel like I'm picking up detail work very well so it would be better to sell a "cleaner" version (after looking into archival quality glue too).

    My thinking was trying a few in a shadow box, like a pinned butterfly display (I looove the look of them) and mobiles besides regular flat pieces.

    Ah, a fabric one- I've dabbled in the idea of butterflies but never quite know how to go about it (besides cutesy cotton type)but of course, you know I want to make it in silk ;P. I'm still dancing around the idea of it.
    As for a skeletal butterfly, well it might be a project in the future but those sewn bones are a real pain :p haha. We'll see.