Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etsy Updates

Presale has closed for the previous birds. White w/ flowers has sold but I decided to alter the pink w/ hearts at the last minute (sorry!). It will be available on Etsy at the beginning of next week. I'll announce it.

In the meantime I listed a felt fox, "Foxy Fox" on Etsy
Foxy Fox
I had to rush through the pictures, they're on the lazy side but believe that she is very stylish and creamy.

Detail shot
A detail shot of the now *sold* white bird.

Tail shot of the white bird.

And I was featured in a couple of very sweet treasuries:

"GREEN TO BLUE FASHION!" by mammamiaeme

"All my leetle friends....." by moosegirlmaria

I have a completed *portion* of a new project I'm working on so another post will be coming up soon.

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