Friday, January 28, 2011

More Papercuts / Attempted banner

"Maybe I'll continue with it?"
- I should have said "Yeah, ok, I'm kinda obsessed now."

Here is a little friend I made,

Feeding pet

I thought I'd try him out as a banner but stylistically, I think it's a little too strong to be an opening banner for a primarily "picture blog".

Angry Pet
He looks angry that he's not the banner.

I like this one but it'll need some work, it's getting worked on as a logo as well:
Transitional Banner/ logo
Transitional till I do some tweaking

And I leave you with this adorable mv by Elizabeth & the Catapult - "Perfectly Perfect". I love the quirky song, the stop motion style videography, the vintage toys, the meta-ness of the doll house and dark undertone.

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