Tuesday, September 21, 2010

East River Park

Whenever I say, "I live near the East River", people give me this look and I can tell episodes of SVU pop into their heads but it's really a beautiful view (despite the old oil spill and the accusations of brain cancer).

I finally got to do a re-shoot of my two toppers and bird doll. The weather was beautiful (after several rainy days) and there was no outdoor venue to cockblock this time.

Sunset was a good time to get the shots I needed. Probably for them too.

I've been editing the photos and they'll be up soon (when I make listings) but in the mean time- if any one can tell me how I can make a seamless transition into tumblr without losing my blogger reading lists, I'd greatly appreciate it.


  1. These photographs do look very beautiful, the sunset seems to have attracted more than a couple photographers :-)

  2. Haha, yes, and while they felt inclined to take photos from the water and up, I felt inclined to get them capturing the water and up. heehee