Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished projects and Attempted Photoshoot

I was on a real spree this morning (trying to finish projects) but by the time I was able to head out, the day was getting gloomy so I got all of 5 shots in before the park closed and I got kicked out. I definitely have to reshoot now. I didn't even get any good Mario & Princess Peach shots which was my primary goal for this outing. Ugh. I did scout a funny location for them that I will use.

The few shots I got in:

On my way to the park, it's like a cross between abandoned factory and abandoned amusement park fairytale village.

Planted "wild flowers" at East River Park.

Finally sewn in place (this morning).

But I realized I'll have to sew down his right wing (see the way it's raised in the picture >:( It kinda looks like he's leaning against that tree- but not in a good way) . I also have to finish the inside base.
What is shown is *almost* it's completed state since the addition is not visible on the outside.

Wooo, look at them! Get a room, guys.

Here is a bird I started the other day and finished this morning as well. No "real" shots but as I was passing (before rain drops began to fall), I couldn't pass up the horse head.


  1. Hurray for the new couple!!! They look all sorts of dashing and charming :-)

    Loving the cute little crowned birdy in the last shot, she's a little sweetie!!!!

  2. Thank you so much! That birdie is destined to meet you btw. I've been awful and haven't responded to your very very thoughtful msg but that should give you an inkling of my response.