Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend & Work In Progress: Mermaid

Look closely at the birdcage below...

The door is open and it is filled with bread. It might be the laziest OR most creative bird feeder for wild birds, I haven't decided. There are also floating pigs below it.
I like this house.

And here, a rainbow in McGorlick Park:

Not a double rainbow but still filled with colorful goodness. Maybe there's a height requirement for rainbows that have gold?

Annnnddd a mermaid I'm making:

As a child I LOVED mermaids. I always meant to make one and finally started. Her tail isn't finished yet (to show you would be obscene).
Normally I wouldn't start dressing or beading until after the form was finished but it was her eyes. They said, "Forget the arms, cover me in jewels!"
I think she has one of the prettiest face I've made yet. I meant for her to be a Siren, she has a bit of a mysterious look to her. When I finish, I'll have to take some better detail shots. I really like how the beading turned out (is turning out? not sure if it's finished) and you can't tell so much here but there are bigger beads along her spine, kind of nice in a bone/textural sort of way.

Some possibilities are brewing but more on that later in it's more finalized state.:)

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  1. She's utterly beautiful.... Why... you know.... she'd look great in a particular boutique I know of.... ;-)