Sunday, September 5, 2010

Work In Progress- POV + bear biscuits

I made some biscuits from a recipe from a "blue ribbon winning" cook I found online. I didn't have biscuit cutters and was not about to run to a baker's store (I'm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where I'd have to take subway to one) to find some so I cut them with the biggest cookie cutters I had- bears. Bear biscuits!

After a taste of the first batch, I decided they could use some cheese (actually they needed salt but I didn't want to over knead them). Can you believe both of those sets pictured are from the same batch of dough?
The second batch had cheese-garlic havarti (I know, not usual to bake with), they were much better but overall, both could still use butter or jam. Not the best recipe I've ever tried but the store was closed and I replaced buttermilk with cream so that might have something to do with it. I think the person providing the recipe forgot to include the salt, buttermilk still wouldn't provide the amount of salt needed. Oh well, they're disappearing anyway. Will ate the head of that bear.

In other news, I made a tree. A "misunderstood" tree that I wanted to incorporate into my gnome animation. I realized after I made it that I would need to show it with another expression. One that would show his emotion after he was "understood" so I made another, a happy version of the tree. Of course then, I came up with another project for myself (my ideas grow like branches- very separated branches that require separate care and effort like an entirely different plant). It started out as an idea for a simple story (one the animation would compliment) but morphed into a pictorial series on points of view.
So, the above is the happy tree and the mean & angry tree and below is a snapshot of the idea brewing in my head.

Plus a bunch of other projects.>_<

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