Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Kid's Stuff"- 80's Kids Playground Swap Treasury & Sweets

I felt like making another treasury yesterday but wanted it to be different from the others, less frill more silly (even though I love frill).
It started out as a Mario theme, then evolved into Nintendo, then I got into a colorful vibe and found a lot of things that would've had a lot of "street value" in the schoolyard and a few listings later, "80's Kids Playground Swap" was born.

80's Kids Playground Swap Treasury
Now I don't mean to be trite but what a walk down memory lane! I was pretty young during the era so it's centered around the more juvenile.
Also, I know the storm cloud says it was adapted by the Wii version so the theme is "80's & 80's related" :p

I also made cupcakes this weekend for my boyfriend's sister, Jess (Happy Birthday!)
These were what was left the next day, I finished them late at night and was in a rush to get them over so I don't have pictures of everything. There were some dark+milk(mixed) gem covered cupcakes but those went first.

I made them from scratch and they definitely trump the box cake I've gotten in the past (more accustomed to baking breads and cookies). I'll have to experiment with frosting types in the future but this one seemed to go over well with everyone.
I molded chocolate gems from Ghirardelli white chocolate chips and despite other things you might read on the Net, you CAN use baker's chocolate AND food coloring for molded chocolate (pale colors at least).
I need to work on my icing application but I just picked up a nice Ateco tip set and there are lots of occasions coming up for practice. :)

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