Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Etsy Symposium, did you see it?

I spent a good part of  yesterday watching the "Etsy Success Symposium," a live-streaming presentation for Etsy selling. It's no secret I'm sweet on Etsy, (it's so sexy, how could I not?) but this was helpful for anyone trying to actualize their small business or utilize social-media in their everyday lives.
If you missed it, don't worry they're working on making them available here.

My favorite speaker was April Bowles-Olin (of Blacksburg Belle), she gave a lot of direct advice that really inspired me to re-evaluate how I was allowing myself to be perceived, (vague and possibly socially inept? *cough*)  as well as tips to optimize the steps I've already been taking to step up my game.

My favorite piece of advice?
"Only do six things a day." 
That sounds counter-intuitive to productivity but she explained how we often get overwhelmed by our long "to-do lists" (they're so long, we don't do anything on them!)
By making a short list, we're more likely to prioritize what needs to be done, we don't waste a lot of time trying to prioritize 40ish things and we actually get to feel accomplished when we finish.
And she's right- it's totally re-energizing, I started today:)

P.S. I'm still working on re-designing this blog but did you notice the shiny new e-mail subscription option? *ahem, nudge*. A great option for those who aren't interested in Readers.

P.P.S  I'm finally making time for my longer term projects involving scenes.
Take a look at my new tree:

The perfect place to hoard your strawberries


  1. I missed them D-: (weeps) so I'm glad to hear they might become available to watch still.

    I did see all your awesome new click-eable buttons... I like your twitter one the most, hee hee :_)

  2. Yes, they definitely will be online- when I posted the link, the videos weren't working yet but they were in the middle of uploading it seems.

    haha the twitter one is the most appropriate, the rest are subject to change. I want to make the blog more user/promotion/friend friendly but I'm trying not to clutter it up too. It's still not where I'd like it to be but I keep changing my mind =X