Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Lovely Gift (a.k.a.- YAY, PRESENTS!)

One of the most rewarding things about making/selling my stuff is the wonderful people I've "met" along the way. Often my customers happen to be the nicest people, encouraging and friendly. A lot of them are also artists, craftspeople and dreamers. One of these amazing people is Monika Viktoria who paints decadent, wistful girls of poetic mythologies; she commissioned a bespoke antlered nymph from me about a year ago:

And has since been an amazing source of friendship and encouragement. More than I could ever ask for but on top of that, I received this beautiful one-of-a-kind original in the mail!

Customer appreciation photos are loved and appreciated but a painting of doll I made that also happens to be gorgeous? It makes it completely worthwhile :) (Thank you, Monika!!! I love it!)

To swoon over more artwork by Monika Viktoria visit:
                  blog, "The Long Lost Woods"
                  etsy, monikaviktoria


  1. crystal I think I love you, lol!!!! :-D

    what a beautiful post to read, I'm so happy the little drawing arrived... it couldn't be with a more dear and creative owner... a token to show how much I adore your work, and how hard I imagine it to be to part with your bespoke dolls in the first place!