Monday, February 14, 2011

I made a Valentine for my lovely readers...

At least *you're* the cookie!

Ok, you can probably tell from this I'm not that into Valentine's day but  hope you have a good one anyway because you ARE amazing :)

fresh out of the oven, check out that flaky crisp top!

I should add though that I did make some brownies for the occasion, straight from the Green & Black's Organic recipe book, "Ultimate Chocolate Recipes- The New Collection," (except I halved it).

They came out A LOT gooier than I expected (even though I baked them longer). They take a while to firm up but what am I crazy? Why would I complain about gooey, decadent brownies? They're really  tasty and have enough salt to cut the sweetness, crisp edges and rich, moist insides.

If you want to make your own, here's a link I found to Mostly About Chocolate (they documented the recipe and their prep process: Ultimate Chocolate Brownies.
Her recipe is slightly different from mine though, I have the newer edited version and instead of brown sugar, mine said to use white.

Hope your Valentine's day is super sweet ;) I'm always curious to know whether a more recent, commercial holiday like this is celebrated in other places so if you're in another country- do let me know ^__^?


  1. It is celebrated in Australia in all it's kitschy goodness but alas I find myself un-partnered so I am exempt.

    I am drooling at the sight of those brownies, nom nom nom, and I LOVE the card, hahahaha, that's awesome :-)

  2. Ah, I've only celebrated a couple Vdays in my life. I was very against it for a long while (hence the tone of the card hehe) but I replaced that with quaint and easy time-spending if applicable.

    Haha, these brownies are disappearing fast- I recommend trying the recipe out, it's almost like eating a pan of fudge X_X