Friday, February 25, 2011

Work in Progress: A flock of birds

I'm on a color kick but I'll have to wait till I'm able to shop for the appropriate silk,
till then bling bling:
bling bling
I didn't used to like seed beads but I found that I like them for dolls
"Wig" in progress, modeled by a bird in progress
wig in prog
This one won't end up with the wig

pinned tail
pinned tail

Working on some very little birds, considering calling them "The Little Darlings"

little bird in prog
This one still needs legs

swan in prog
Working on a swan too, a little different than the norm


  1. I have a crush on all of these birdies, they're gorgeous.

    And oh jeez can I send you some coloured fabric? I have hoarded mountains and mountains... I'm serious, please???

  2. Thanks, Love.
    In regards to the fabric, I would feel like I was robbing Fern & Co. of pretty frocks and rompers. Though I DO appreciate the sentiment.