Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured in Etsy Finds: The Hot List

Hi All,
Last post I mentioned I had a little possible press coming my way and here it is:

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Just a little segment of the e-mail but I've gotten a tremendous amount of positive vibes, kind msgs and overall support from it! It's just proof the little things really do count :).

Also, this Friday, I've got a (cotton) bird especially for Easter going up in the Etsy shop,

Actually, it doesn't need to be for Easter, so long as you like mischievous, disguised birds.
It's in the blue and white print I love (and have used for the alphabet birds).


I've also been featured in a couple very sweet, spring-inspired treasuries:

"hello denium" treasury by lorinichols

"I'll Fly Away Oh Glory" treasury by Saintwolf


Ok, I've still got a lot of non-sewing to do so I'll post an  in progress shot of my newest project next time. I haven't made any other animals since my fish so here's a hint: it's not a bird! :p

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