Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Featured in an Etsy treasury/ Wedding Gift "Basket"

My Pride & Prejudice cake topper was featured in another Etsy treasury,
A Regency Style Wedding
This one is by user bubbletime and is a charming collection of Austen-era goodies. I love how prim and proper it is and also that it includes real menswear which is hard to come by on Etsy.

I was away for a while attending my friend, Gloria (aka Min)'s wedding. Before attending, I fulfilled he registry (pillowsham) but felt kind of lame for it:
"Hi! Here's a pillow case for the two of you! Congratulations!"

I know it's the thought that counts but I also wanted to add in a few things that were useful and some other frivolous things that would be nice to have for little celebrations in the future.

I decided to go for a gift basket and got things like a soy scented candle, quality spatula, baking sugars and cookie cutters, wine stoppers, etc.
Then I thought, "Well, I could put this in a basket that they may or may not have room for and may or may not match their aesthetic OR I could get a colander that they could definitely use."

So, they ended up getting a pillow case in a colander.
Haha but I think I did a decent job packaging the whole thing up.
I played off the blue in the colander and used the natural choice of white by using doilies as a running theme. The wrapping paper is a few shades lighter than the pillow sham itself and is quilted just like it so I think I got pretty lucky with that one.

I also ended up making a box (I refuse to buy boxes with the obscene amount of reusable cardboard in my apt). I used the doilies for the outside packaging as well. retrospect I should have blocked that out in white instead of black but you guys get the idea.

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