Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nameplate Mock-Ups

I was never formally trained in calligraphy (public school kid), but it's always been a hobby of mine. I was recently asked to create a few mock dvd covers (in a Victorian theme) for a photography-videography company that is looking to expand on the styles of their wedding materials.

I first drew them by hand in drawing inks and then scanned them in.
There are a few variations, for fun here are the styles I created but in nameplate form:
(Fatima & Ramon are the names of their latest couple.)

I liked this font but it was a little too flowery for the company style.

A less densely ornate one in a different font.

And finally the second font with the first border.

Scripting has got me thinking about tattooing, goldsmithing, embroidery and so many other things I'd like to get around to

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