Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Work In Progress- Chibi Topper & Flower Album

As mentioned before, the Mario & Princess Peach cake topper were started while interrupting another felt project. It was this, a Chibi topper. As I'm doing it, I'm thinking this could be a cute birthday theme. I dressed this one today (there will be a boy too) and made a couple of strawberries from what was going to be the tips of Mario's arms (waste not).
It's funny to work in felt in particular because there is such a sense of every single tiny piece being able to be used. There are times when I've accidentally thrown away a 1 cm circle and later thought, "shit, I threw away an ear".

This is another thing I'm working on- imitation flowers. Each layer is cut and then the edges are burned and then stitched together. The biggest one was my first, a test. It's very burned but I kind of liked how it came out dusty pink (it actually started out peach).
The project will need more flowers and then I'll need to get materials and stitch them into a cover for a book. We'll see...

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