Sunday, August 29, 2010

Work In Progress- Mario & Princess Peach Cake Topper

A few days ago, I bought a bunch of felt on a whim because I wanted a faster (faster than several weeks anyway), colorful project to work on (instead of finishing the ones I've already started like a good girl).
While I started, I came up ideas for TWO other projects in the middle of what I was doing and STARTED them instead of finishing that first "fast colorful" one. So now I have two felt projects in the works and one book cover I'm working on besides the other projects I have going...uhhhh.
At least I'm having fun with this particular one,

Princess Peach! Skirt is unfinished till I can figure out Mario and get the height worked out. That felt mushroom on the side is actually part of the original felt project I was working on. The mushroom for the Mario & Princess Peach topper will have to be bigger and shaped a little differently for accuracy. Hopefully I can finish one of these soon!

UPDATE 10/12/2010:
To see when Mario was first made/ Princess Peach & Mario frolicking (yes, frolicking):

To see the completed piece:


  1. Princess Peach is awesome!!!

    I still think you should make some more yummy silky raggy dolls *whimper whimper*

  2. Haha, yes! I love the kitch style imagery. I haven't stopped, just needed a break project ;)