Monday, August 23, 2010

Work In Progress- Great Gatsby Cake Topper

So, just to update on the topper, it's pretty close to done. There is beading work on the base (not shown) and the birds are mostly outfitted.

Still left is the inside base detailing, a bit of the dress and the wings of the boy and their legs... oh wait- there's a lot left! X_X;

I've had so many ideas on other things to make and bake, hopefully I can make some strides.
One thing I definitely want (and is taking away my attention) is this:

Message-in-a-cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma
Individual alphabet lettering to create customizable msgs.
I read the reviews and they seem generally good to somewhat mixed but I still can't wait to get these and try them for myself.
A lot of people seemed to be displeased with the large size of the cookie but I'm pretty sure that won't dissuade any of my friends. ;)


  1. Who ever complained about a large cookie, goodness gracious!!!!

    I'm loving those two photographs of your little lovebirds in amongst their fabric foliage :-) Cutest touch ever.

    Have you seen the spanish film .... of course I just forgot the title... Dream something.... I'll get back to you on this one!!!

  2. I know!! Funny thing though, just the other day my bf, Will said he was on a search for a "black and white cookie" and found one but didn't buy it because it was twice the size -_-; hahaha.

    Thank you!! I figured I'd have some fun with them before they're stitched in place.

    Hmm, "dream"... not sure- do let me know :)