Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Post Is For The Birds

I've barely had any time these days- but why exactly, I don't know. In part it might the the research/organizing I've been trying to do but we'll have to see how that pays off.
It's put a big dent in my making but I've been trying to take smaller projects along with me when I can. That means no frills and thrills but a few little cotton birds.

"Je t'aime" Word Bird:
I think she came out very pretty. There are very few dolls I will say that about easily. Made from a vintage handkerchief and embroidered.

I've never claimed to be very good at embroidery but I think I'm getting better and I'm trying to incorporate it more into my work.

I'm still a little torn between my typical bead eyes and my more recent embroidered eyes. But I like the control (of bulge) it provides for the smaller pieces.
Etsy Listing

The "Fuck It" Naughty Word Bird:
I got the idea to do a few "naughty" words along with other word birds. This one was a prototype because I made the wings differently and an expressive face (with eyebrows). It looks so angry (and is red in the face) but for it's strong words, it's pretty comical.

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The Bad Ass Bird (no words, just badassery):
Complete with sutures, eye patch and "blood". It's also made from a vintage handkerchief but is some sort of pirate-spy-zombie apocalypse survivor. A little gorier than my other recent work but my "Etsy career" started out with this Gory Girl Doll and my first commission was another so this is actually very tame.

Etsy Listing

AND a little one in progress, "Alphabet" or "Initial" birds. Not only could this be cute singular but I could imagine a flock of these spelling out things, or even an entire alphabet for a nursery.

"E", I randomly chose "e" to start with, don't ask why- there isn't a reason.
E exhibits my improved embroidery skills (hehe).
It actually started with the "Fuck It" bird, then the "Je t'aime" and now this so you can actually see the improvement.

And also, my Mario & Princess Peach plush/topper was featured in an Etsy Treasury:
"For The Love of The Game" by ten23designs

Ok, time to get sick off of the oatmeal cookies I just baked.
And yes, they are delicious- I almost didn't make it to the cookie stage because the raw dough was like some kind of delicious crack. It took a lot of willpower to not stand there and eat the whole thing raw. The cookies themselves measure up as pretty great but I usually like to see where I can improve upon recipes once I try them so we'll see.

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