Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bone Box and "Plague" In Progress

This weekend was more about going out in the light of day than making anything (or finishing for that matter) but I did manage a few things, a lot of little hands were made and some organizing.

A box of some little pieces:
skeleton box

And progress on the "Plague", still pinning, still not done but with some black now:

I also went to a "Snorters" meet up (for snorting dogs) and saw a crazymazing sunset. It was so crazy and amazing, I had to make up that word.

pink set

This was at the tail end of it.


  1. I like crazymazing... I think I could use that in my vocabularly.

    i'm loving all this lace, oh goodness it's so yummy and decandent and decayingly gorgeous!

  2. :D thank you. And yes, "crazymazing" should really be a regularly used word, especially for magical times in nature and big cookies.