Sunday, October 31, 2010


 Happy Halloween! Today's sky was beautiful, see:

Gold and blue. October skies are some of the best.
 I also "spotted" another cat:

 A black cat on Halloween, how very fitting.

I went to a party yesterday, (I'm working tonight) and got dressed up too. No real character, just masquerade style for fun. I didn't have time to take good pictures though, in fact I was in a real rush because I hadn't realized how late it had gotten while finishing off a "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" marathon I had started while I was sick.

So here's a crappy  MySpacey picture of me:

Is this Myspacey or what?
I'm veeery disappointed- I lost my mask! I think it got misplaced after someone asked to try it on, I was wearing it for most of the night. At that point it was very late and very dark. I had a good time otherwise, *shrugs* still sad though.

The mask is from Tom Banwell There are some really beautiful pieces in his Etsy shop. And, I will say that while it was fun to wear, it felt a little stiffer and more raw around the edges than I imagined it would. Also, I think I should have gotten an ear to ear piece to hide the elastic band better (for illusion and maybe comfort).

I made the dress in my junior year of high school. It was a little different though, not as poofy, longer and the top portion didn't fit the same and was higher and less shaped. I made some alterations to it (the tweaking I mentioned before) and I think now, almost 8 years later, it looks more as I had intended except a little shorter than I would have worn it before. It was the first piece of clothing I had ever made.

Well, off to work for me but I hope the rest of you get a lot of candy ;)
*poof* disappears into the night Muhahaha

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