Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dedicated Post: "Spot Cats"

My boyfriend, Will is a photographer and avid dog lover. He is obsessed with both and runs, Spot Dogs NYC. It's what he calls his "pet project".
Essentially he takes excellent photographs of dogs he encounters on the street.
(Be sure to check out his blog if you like dogs, because there are some amazingly cute ones on there.)

I like dogs too but I am a cat person at heart plus it's a lot harder to "spot" cats here so I end up taking a lot of pictures of my own cat, Byron:


He's beautiful, no? I purposely avoid posting pictures of him here for fear it will turn into a solely Byron based blog. Sometimes though, I run into street cats and Will has "inspired" me to shoot them so, this post is dedicated to Spot Dogs NYC but in true Crystal-fashion: cats!

I "spotted" these cats:

In Greenpoint: cute and dirty

A cat in Greenpoint: moo?

A cat in Greenpoint: cat in a classy suit

This one was a feral cat that wandered into the Sheraton in the Bahamas

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