Monday, October 18, 2010

Work In Progress- Korean Doll (in mourning maybe?)

I came across another half-made doll body in my things (neck to toes, no hands and probably the last one) so I felt compelled to make it a head. It wasn't my intent to make this one Asian but the eyes and coloring lent themselves to it.

Then when I started pinning, other clothes just really weren't working- this one was made to wear hanbok (traditional Korean dress).
So far she's only wearing undergarments.

I like the striking contrast of white and am considering making her "in mourning".
White cotton hanbok is traditionally for mourners but I'd want it in silk and I don't think I want to make straw shoes (also traditional mourning attire).

I like the idea overall but there are some issues between accuracy and my aesthetics...


  1. Take the initial inspiration, then use your aesthetics to create something new and unique.
    There's no need to stick religiously with creating something historically accurate, unless it is specifically for a museum show!!!

    i instantly thought she looks incredible in white, too, with that contrast of midnight for hair, and the slash if red ribbon...

    very effective!

  2. Constructive as always!
    I do love white dolls, faded or pure and I'm not very superstitious but while white is for mourners, the way this is coming out, it's ghost-like. In Korean culture, ghosts dressed in white come to take you for death in sleep and though it's dripping with excellent psychological and meaningful symbolism I went through an awful time when I was about 17 having constant nightmares- no white figures but during the same time my dad would see them often.
    Making her is almost taboo haha but maybe I'm to make her for a reason. Oh gee, I might sound crazy now :x