Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Progress- Unpinned & Unmasked Plague

So, yesterday I posted pictures of the pinned Plague doll (probably not the best name but easier to say) and today I took out pins and began a little work on it.

I wanted to show the striking difference between an all white/ivory version from the black of yesterday. I'm kind of in love with this version too which means decisions... or two dolls.

The headpiece is a random piece I started for a separate idea- it looks kind of like a turban right now. It probably won't end up in the final version.


  1. I'm voting for two dolls!!! lol, heehee...

    I have something for dolls in all white... it's eerily pretty and unattainable.

    By umattainable I mean it's an aesthetic I LOVE... but in my own work I cannot achieve it. I can't draw an entire piece all in white, without it looking just like a black and white outline drawing.

    Something magical happens with the textures and lustre of the different fabrics... makes it so beautiful.

    That top shot is haunting, my favourite. If that became a doll, you know I'd be attemtping bloody murder to get her!! :-)

  2. You WOULD vote for two! hehe but yes, I've been holding off progress on that one because it's the addition of blacks and stitching on of the mask at this point and I need to work my way to commitment.

  3. Ok well I'm voting you make ANOTHER doll all in white who looks like the girl at the top.. that turban/marie antoinette do is just.. oh my gosh, to die for! I want her!

    *bats eyelashes*

  4. Romancing me into another doll, eh? I see what's going on here hehehe. As it stands, I might reserve the beak for another doll- this one has some black sewn in now and finished hands and I found that I liked how she looked, hand over "mouth" surprised. Very lady like, a little mischievous. I'll have pics soon.