Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Spot Cat, A Sad Bear And An In Progress Shot

I've been sick but also trying to get better for the Halloween festivities (saturday parties) which means overdosing on oj, sleeping and tweaking something I already had in my closet so I wouldn't have to go out/ spend money. I'm feeling a lot better but haven't been able to get halloweened out this week which is kind of disappointing.

I do have a few things to show though:

Progress on my doll-(I like the hand on the mouth- maybe I *won't* put the beak on), done mostly just before I got sick,

I found another "sad bear" actually well, he looks happy (and maybe dressed for the holiday) but he IS a found-bear,

And I "spotted" another cat,
spot cat 5

It's like three posts for the price of one! I had some shots of the beautiful skies that have been around but I'll save that and my Halloween post for later.

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